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Published: 01st March 2010
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Tacfit Commando is the good another fitness system by world-renowned fitness expert Scott Sonnon. This is one of the most new bodyweight physical exertion system that I've ever saw. I've been following Tutor Scott Sonnon's work since I began doing Flow-Fit, a series of bodyweight exercises that's contrived to develop your exemption of movement and also get running strength in the action. Sonnon's system is focused more on building up functional strength preferably than the aesthetic aspect of anaerobic exercise. In a nutshell, you can expect to build up a body that is fit to do anything you delight instead than a body that is just "pretty".

After all, Tacfit Commando is the same workout that Israeli Special Forces are doing right now. Sonnon's arrangement ordinarily claim small to no equipment permitting you to execute the workouts anywhere you want. He has literally taken body weight exercises to the next level and grants you exercise areas of your body that no other workouts can help you develop.

Scott Sonnon's coaching system or as he called it; Circular Strength Training System is focussed on building up strength in your body's 6 Degrees of Exemption. The following are the 6 Stages of Freedom according Scott Sonnon:

Heaving - movement in the vertical plane (up and down)
Surging - movement in the sagittal plane (front and back)
Swaying - movement in the frontal plane (lateral or side-to-side)
Yawing - movement in the transverse plane (twisting around a central axis)
Pitching - pitching in the sagittal plane (rolling forward or backward)
Rolling - pitching laterally (bending to the side)

If you're currently doing mma or any martial art for that thing, you know how vital these movements are. Back when I went building up muay thai, I always inquired what workouts to do to get better at dodging attacks and being able to move around better, CST (Circular Strength Training) is pretty much it.

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